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Welcome to River of Life Church in Cloquet, MN

Jesus Christ, Word of God, Church and the Body

Recent News

* Letter From St Luc Noel our Haitian brother arrived this week.  – click here

* The Bike-a-thon for Haiti and the children in the churches organized by St Luc was held on Saturday, September 13th on the Munger Bike Trail and was a great success!  The weather cooperated, many people riding the trail including many of our children, and we raised over $2,300 for the schools and the students.  Thank you to all who participated and donated to this event. For a picture of the group click here

Now about us here at River of Life……..

We are a Christian Church in Cloquet, MN based on the Bible and the Messiah-ship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are located at 1002 Carlton Ave here in Cloquet, MN.

River of Life Church Jesus Christ is the center of our belief. We sincerely teach through preaching and Bible study the truths in the Word of God.  We seek to support and edify one another as we walk through this life with it’s ups and downs.  We seek to fulfill the will of God for His Body by the leading of the Holy Spirit and working together to achieve what the Holy Scriptures states as, “members jointly fit together”.   Supporting one another’s strengths, skills and calling for the edification of the body and the sharing of the Gospel, the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

There are many strong churches in the Cloquet area, and we count ourselves blessed to be counted as one of them.  The Body of Christ does not go by any denominational name, but is a group of believers that are bound together by the Truth of the Gospel and the cords of Love given by our Father and Lord Jesus, our Christ and Messiah.  Through the leading of our Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we seek to edify and support one another as we have been told to.  We also seek to create an environment with worship, teaching, preaching and fellowship that is conducive to growing each person’s relationship and walk with God.

We take the Bible, the Word of God, as being True and we do our best to follow it all.  If you are reading this you are interested in the Christian church body and have probably seen how some churches are disregarding sections of the Bible as they do not find them socially acceptable any more.  This we do not do.  Our Beliefs and teachings are Bible based.

We are located at 1002 Carlton Ave, Cloquet, Mn  Phone: (218) 879-3461 in Cloquet, Minnesota.

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Worship Service: Sundays at 10:00 am

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Pastor John Napoli has been the pastor of River of Life for over 15 years. 

Our normal worship service consists of:

  • Opening prayer
  • About 30 minutes of songs and choruses
  • Time for testimonies
  • Teaching by the pastor
  • Children’s classes downstairs after worship.