Welcome to River of Life Church in Cloquet, Minnesota

We are a Non-Denominational Assembly that fellowships with all believers and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our normal worship service consists of:

(We are also holding online services for those who cannot or choose not to assemble in person at this time.)

Our Sunday Service Information

  • We start at 10:05 with an opening song, announcements, testimonies, and Prayer
  • Praise and worship time
  • Children’s classes downstairs after testimonies and prayer
  • Message/Teaching
  • Our time together lasts until @ 11:30 am

Who is welcome here? 

  • All who are seeking to find out more about life after our last breath.
  • Who is this Jesus and how does God fit into all this?
  • Wish to become involved with a body more than just going to a service and feeling the Sunday duty is completed.
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We live in an age where many think bigger is better and believe the crowd that attends there mean their beliefs are more right. We also live in an age that places as much if not more focus on music and programs than the actual gospel and developing a body of believers that resembles what scriptures describes as “a body jointly fit together.”

An assembly the size of River of Life creates a sense of community, not just in word, but in reality. A group of believers joined together allowing all you to feel a responsibility to help one another.

Google pic of church

Here are a couple questions we are often asked by those who visit.

“What is it like to be part of a small church?”  And, “Why wouldn’t you want to be part of a bigger church that has so much more resources and programs?”

Granted, we may not be as large as some churches, we number in the sixties.  The size of River of Life allows a personal setting that may not be for those wishing to simply go and attend a service but stay at “arm’s length” from regarding getting actively involved with the Body of Christ.

  • We feel the Lord Jesus Christ has called us together to edify one another and work together as a body to do the Lord’s will.
  • It does not take long for someone new to the group to know all those that gather together on Sunday mornings by name. (For those looking to hide in a crowd and not become active in the body of Jesus Christ we tend not to be a workable solution)
  • Attending a church the size of River of Life creates an atmosphere of “family”
    easier than that of a larger church where the feeling of being part of an organization can occur.
    • Biblically those who assembled together saw each other with such connections with Jesus Christ and His bonds of love that those they fellowshipped with were closer than those in their original family, friends, and co-workers who were non-believers.
  • The interaction between those attending, both young and old, occurs naturally and minimizes the problem of “silo’s” in a congregation.
    • Silo = when programs like single adults, young married couples, even youth groups promote people of similar situations to interact with one another and minimize interaction with others that attend the church. These programs can be a good thing but can also create “cliques” if not careful.)
    • The strength of the body come about when each one is led by the Holy Spirit to edify and interact with one another when gathered together. This is more than trying to generate a “feeling” during a service, it is each saints’ responsibility to allow the Lord to work through them to help their brother and sister when we gather together.

These are just some of the reasons we have chosen to be part of a smaller assembly.  Granted it is harder to hide or simply blend into the crowd can make some people feel uncomfortable.   With a smaller group, the feeling of being responsible for one another and the body cannot help but occur.  We feel this is what the Lord wants and wishes of those claiming to be followers of Him.

There are some great Gospel preaching churches in the area to attend that are much larger than River of Life, but if you wish to be part of a smaller more intimate group of believers stop in on any Sunday at 10:00 am.  Join us here on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am

  • We seek to praise and give thanks to our Lord in song (Act 3:8)
  • We seek to worship Him in humbly submitting our heart, will, and actions to His will (Romans 12:16)
  • We are a congregation of approximately 65 that seek to fellowship together. To provoke one another to good works and celebrate the uniqueness we each have been given by God. (Hebrews 10:24)
  • We preach and teach from the Bible as directed through prayer and the needs of the body to equip the saints for good works. (Romans 8:14)
  • We do have Children’s Sunday School each Sunday for those age 4 on up.