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From the Questions Bucket:

†List of Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus and His death – Click here

†List of New Testament Prophecies made by Jesus about His death – Click here

What is the basics of the Blood Moons and the Prophesy?  The answer does not address the prophecy and the variations of it, it deals with the overall basics of what the blood moons are.  Click for answer

Does Satan know he has lost?  Click for answer

When does talking about a person cross over to Gossip?  –  Great Question and to look into the full answer will take more than a couple sentences.  Click on the link to go to information that was published many years ago but I have found it the best answer to this question to date.    Click to go to Gossip Info

What is true worship of God?  – Much has been written over the year, but here is a short answer that I believe shares the answer.  What is true worship of God

Handouts from some of the past bible study nights.

Christian Foundation Terms and Meanings

What are some of the most common misconceptions about Jesus Christ                             THE WISE MEN AND THE STAR  john-the-baptist-jesus

Handouts for Lesson One: The Bible itself

The Names of God in the Old Testament       ORGANIZATION OF THE BIBLE                Are the Biblical Documents Reliable               Bible Statistics

Handouts for Lesson Two: Adam, Eve and the Garden

Genesis                                                 The Days of Creation 2                                               The Days of Creation                        The Necessity for Believing in Six Literal Days

Handouts for Lesson Three: Noah and the Great Flood

FACTS ON NOAH                       Evidence for a Global Flood


Handouts for Lesson 4: Tower of Babel and Abram

The Tower of Babel                                   The sixteen grandsons of Noah                             THE ROLE OF GENETICS IN RACE


Week 5:  Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah

AreTheArabsDescendantsOfIshmael            Sodom and Gamorrah

What is brimstone_ (as in fire and brimstone)

Lot Pic

Week 6:  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Rembrandt Isaac and Abraham

Charts of Abraham Lineage

Week 7 Joseph and Jacob (Israel)

Grainery in Egypt

Map of Goshen                         Quick profiles on the 12 tribes of Israel

Weeks 8,9 & 10: Moses, Plagues and the exodus.

400 year chart          Israelite’s in Egypt       List of the Ten Plagues in Egypt from the Bible

map-egypt-midian-900x709x300Hebrew Calendar

Week 11 Moses and Mount Sinai

The Ark of the Convenant

What is the Tabernacle of Moses         The Ark of the Covenant and Atonement Cover          maps-bible-archeology-exodus-route-overview (1)