COVID-19 Church Update

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Sunday and Home Group Services:

We continue with following the state mandated programs to minimize the spread of the COVI-19 virus.

  • We maintain a social distancing plan
  • Mandatory facemask use during all services
  • Hand sanitizer use
  • We offer an online interactive service for those not wishing to gather in person

Click the link below for the policies and procedures we have put in place to ensure we are doing all we can to minimize the spread of any illness, especially COVID-19. You can also click to see the Health Checklist.

Sunday Service Safety Bulletin (Shares procedures and policies we have put in place)

Health Checklist to be done prior to coming to service

Do the Five – Help stop coronavirus

  1. HANDSWash them often
  2. 2ELBOW – Cough into it
  3. FACE – Don’t touch it
  4. SPACE – Keep safe distance
  5. HOME – Stay if you can

The hand of the Lord protects us in many ways, many we never see. But remember, He gives each of us wisdom and intelligence to be used in protecting ourselves as well as those we love also.

God Bless, Pastor John

COVID-19 Resource Links

Symptoms of COVID-19

MDH Link

Present Restrictions in MN

MDH Link

Present Status of COVID-19


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