Ministries and Links

St Luc in Haiti & Zoe Life Christian Center

  • For more information on the mission work going on with St Luc in Haiti visit the website  click here
  • February 2018 Newsletter with development in the ministry in Haiti  click here

Ruby’s Pantry Food Distribution

Click for 2018 Schedule

Great Video Links to check-out

Faith at Work

  • We are being pushed into believing that sharing your faith in public is against the law, but nothing can be farther from the truth.  Watch this video and think about how we have been bullied into being voiceless.

Clean your Room  – Francis Chan

Anguish  – David Wilkerson

In Everything by Prayer – A.W. Tozer

Why I Hate Religious but Love Jesus – Jefferson Bethke

“Can’t” a great poem by Edgar Guest

We are blessed to have several ministries that we are very close with.  Click on the links and check out others that teach, preach and minister the Gospel.


From the Word Ministries

Michael Ginn and From the Word Ministries.  Michael has spent many years memorizing many books of the Bible.  He teaches and preaches as he recites the scriptures.  He has ministered to thousands, for a sample of this unique and intimate gift click and listen to him.

If you are interested in hearing him in person keep in touch with our Events Page.  Michael speaks at River of Life several times a year.  Contact him by callingRiver of Life Church (218-879-3461


Writer Lynn Robert Kern.

Lynn has filled the role of Pastor and minister for many years and has seen much over the years, some good and some not so good.  Lynn’s heart is driven by sharing the Truth of God’s Word.  In today’s  world were almost anything goes and society seems to justify it, Lynn seeks to encourage us that our Lord is the ultimate and sovereign determiner of Right and Wrong.

In his latest book, “Know the Truth!”, Lynn exposes many subtle acts and beliefs that are getting in the way of knowing the truth.  This is a provocative book and demands that those truly seeking our Lord Jesus Christ pick up a copy and read it.


Zoe Life Christian Center: (HAITI) Donna Raati works hand in hand with us as we support the work of the Lord in Haiti.  She works directly with Pastor St Luc in Haiti.


Gaylen Paul Music:  Music and worship from his heart, this wonderfully gifted musician has bless our church several times.  Gaylen understand the trials and life and and is able to touch all no matter what their background.  Click here for His updated Website

List of his CD’s


Cloquet House of Prayer and Wood City Music Festival

 Ruby’s Pantry – click for  Distribution Calendar


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